Monday, December 1, 2008

under the knife.

This morning I took Abigail in to get spayed. I felt pretty bad since this was the first time she ever showed a lot of fear while entering the cat carrier, it is like she knew what was at stake on this day. So I take her in, say I am sorry while she is being transported to some unknown place behind the scenes at the vet. I come home and Penelope realizes that there is something missing, she starts purring and being playful with me.. she looks content just sleeping with peace of mind, knowing there is no little monster lurking, awaiting an attack. So we will see what Abigail looks like with a shaved belly and one of those cone neck things on. Also get to see what disappointment looks like in Penelope's eyes once she sees the little nuisance is back.
Poor little one, I think she saw it coming.

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