Saturday, September 19, 2009

This weekend, I don't really have anything to do, other than cleaning a bit. I am finished editing my last project for my digital video class. I am not totally excited about the end result but I think our group did pretty well with the cards we were dealt. I am really appreciative of Kurt for coming out last weekend and sacrificing his pride to aid us with the project. Thanks again buddy! I think video is fun, although not the avenue I will be pursuing. In the future, I will be equipped to shoot and edit some mean home videos though... Next up for school is all that is 3D. I start off with a character creation course which will be fun I think, as I look forward to starting that this coming tuesday. School has been good for the most part, just dealing with the loans and grants is beyond stressful at this point. Cal grant is guaranteed to me, yet I have not received a dime and I am over 3 months into my term. I will be prepping myself to sell a kidney off pretty soon. Anyway, I will end with some photos taken over the past week. The cat's were fighting up on the windowsill which was funny and dangerous at the same time. I found out that they are both southpaw fighters.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Check this crap out... I've gotten 10 new lines in the last couple of weeks.