Thursday, February 26, 2009

"when in doubt, Castle"

Life drawing went well today, although I feel that I may be contracting black lung from the subtraction drawings. All that airborne charcoal cannot be beneficial for the long term. I blow charcoal out of my nose for two days on average after class. I need to just keep drawing and get back into it like crazy, sometimes I forget how much I enjoy it... at least when it is productive. Like I said before, I will compile a few after the class is over maybe and post them here.

Oh, look at Abigail. Chick is getting so big these days. Started to let her go outside onto the patio, that may have created a problem. I want to get her a kiddie pool to swim in for the summer. I don't think they make those for cats though, I may just have to improvise. Her first leash training was unsuccessful. We will try that again in the future.

We are going to the symphony tonight at Copley hall. Mary and I get in at a good rate since it is through school. I may talk about that experience tomorrow if it proves enlightening.


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

get over it.

I've got this eye twitch that has really been a nuisance for the past three days. I guess it is from lack of sleep or rather acclimating to my new sleeping schedule. I will get used to it eventually ( the sleep, not my eye twitching). I am doing my gen ed now in school which is a little dry but should go by fast enough. I am taking literature, math, figure drawing and fundamentals of drawing. I am having fun in figure drawing. I took it once before while living in Merced but did not complete the course since I was a worthless degenerate at the time. This time should prove much more beneficial to me. I will post some work sooner or later, just depends on how interesting the work turns out to be.

Something else I wanted to touch on, This whole Shepard Fairey thing. I hear everyone talking about how he is just some cookie cutter artist that pushes a magic button and poof, there is this million dollar selling travesty that should have never been passed off as true art. This argument coming from various places not to mention any names. Some people just shouldn't throw stones in glass houses. Anyhow, art is an objective thing which is why I cherish it so deeply. Personally I take Shepard's art for what it is. I sort of get tired of seeing it but that is just me. I don't respect the guy's process any less. What he stands for now may not be quite the same as what it once was— who am I to judge him in the first place in that respect. I would embrace the opportunity to be anywhere near as successful as he is today. What I don't understand is when people who consider themselves artists try and create some political guidelines out of thin air in hopes to justify their lack of success or what they may deem,"success." The whole reason I am drawn into art is because there are no rules. In this day in age, who the hell can claim originality anyway? Art is not created in a vacuum. Shepard is very successful with what he does, like it or not. I cannot hate the game that is played, I would play it too of I could. There was this quote I once heard, "good artists borrow, great artists steal."-Pablo Picasso

Monday, February 9, 2009

I am awake,
It is rainy, it is early, I am ready. No one should have to do this. Maybe I will get used to it at some point. Luckily I woke with due time for coffee.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

this is how we roll in San D come February.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

I just made some changes to the site since I had some extra time before it will be graded. There are probably plenty more things that I should do with it but I will make that extra effort when creating my online portfolio. No more late start classes after tomorrow, from here on out I act as a normal person and wake up before anyone should have to. 3D classes right around the bend once gen ed is complete—exited to get that started.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

i am still alive believe it or not...

Soooo I made a website...
It definitely needs some work but oh well huh. I have a deadline for tomorrow'spresentation and I made it. Code is cool shit, frustrating at times but worth it once your labor is rewarded with something that looks halfway presentable. The vast majority of the written content is just copy and pasted crap from wikipedia cause I was not trying to do more work than I had to. So go check it out, let me know what you think dudes. It is best if viewed in anything but internet explorer which is the worst browser in the world anyway and I feel sorry for you if you continue to use that trash.
fermentation proclamation