Saturday, December 6, 2008

Impulsive tendencies.

I got it.
I have a new object to obsess over. I got a new dslr. I have wanted a dslr for a LONG time, I just could never justify spending the dough, besides they are much less portable and quite pricey if you want good lenses etc. Now it is important that I start accumulating good quality shots for design work. Also it is great to have high quality images for documentation of our lives. I used to LOVE my photography class back in high school, I thought maybe that would be what I went on to do as a career but it never materialized obviously. I have shot film here and there on my Nikon n90s but it has seen much better days. My little casio usually gets the vast majority of jobs done, no problem—well actually one BIG problem, Lack of creative freedom. I love having that versatility of a slr.. besides having a rangefinder, I could not be more content. I got the new Nikon d90 and it is a pretty awesome camera. It is capable of 720 p high definition video, although it is tricky since there is no autofocus, You can only get 5 minutes of footage at a time in 720 blah blah blah. What IS cool about it is that your creative touch is limitless since you have all these nikkor lenses to match up with that 720p. I have seen some really creative videos from the camera, I personally have not had a chance to even attempt one but I will be sure to post them when the time comes. I coupled the Camera's body with the 18-55mm kit lens that comes on the d40 which is decent but flimsy feeling. I also acquired the 50mm f/1.4 which is SWEET in low light ( I hate flashes for the most part.) The camera has a lot of pretty cool settings out of the box which is good for people who are not privy to controls on a slr. Anyway I got a ton of stuff to do this weekend, large project due monday for critique so looks like I will be going to the lab on sunday. Here are a few of the first shots taken last night.


REIGNSoner said...

Congrats! That's exciting news to hear!

dalij said...

Well shouldn't we pin a rose on your nose?