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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

humpty dumpty

Doing big things.
Just got some new ram installed, along with Leopard. Just waiting for my new external HD and I should be on my merry way.
In class we are learning masks etc in ps. I was having a tough time grasping it all at first but I am coming around. Here's one I just did real quick using some layer masks and gradients. I could stay up all night messing with this program. Sorry for the lack of kerning.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Monday evening update

Weekend was alright, uneventful for the most part. We went to a pretty cool diner last night called," Studio Diner." It was opened by some guy that owns a working motion picture studio right next door. Food was pretty good I guess, more of an ambiance type of thing really. The corresponding photo is not mine actually,(didn't take the ol' mini digi with me) We also took a stroll to chicago on a bun which is always delightful and filling. On the way there is a path we usually take which is quite serene although slightly unnatural which is an understatement. Nonetheless the ponds and falls are nice. There are always families of ducks swimming around and that is cool. We've been trying to let our cat out more so she quits crying so much, I think we are actually doing more harm than good. We put her on a harness which she detests but it cracks me up. I got one photo of her also that I thought had pretty good lighting. Oh and my orchid just isn't doing to do these days. What gives??

I was sort of interested to try out something similar to what I did with my stained glass assignment in class. So I used paint-markers and a small canvas and went to work on Saturday. It took a lot longer than I had anticipated. I sort of like it though.
I was gonna do some additional shading within the shapes to give them an embossed look. Maybe leave it alone and try something new. I have been motivated to work on new art which is tough to come by sometimes. Better take full advantage.

On a very sad note, This morning I woke the computer up, loaded the homepage and to my dismay, The great talent George Carlin had passed away. He is one of my favorite comedians. I always revered him as a revolutionary within his field let alone society as a whole. His wit, creativity and delivery was something most comedians could only hope to come close to. He constantly pushed the envelope, even going to the supreme court. He was still touring at the age of 71. Seemed his material got even better as time went on. I am sure he would have attributed that to how progressively ignorant society becomes year after year. No matter how brash he seemed, his logic and theories could always provoke thoughts. He will be dearly missed. It's hard to imagine not being able to see a new George Carlin special on HBO.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

hump day

Today was the last day of Design comp which I had previously eluded to in a prior post. It is sort of bittersweet. I will miss working with drawings and such so often. Next is raster graphics which consists of work with Photoshop. I have limited experience with the program so I am anxious to learn the ins and outs. We were given back some artwork from design comp which I will post here.

This past weekend was alright, I watched the ENTIRE Us Open. I've never actually watched golf before but since this tourney was in San Diego I gave in a little attention. What surprised me was that I was enthralled. I couldn't stop watching, I learned a lot about golf while witnessing a monumental match between Mr. Woods and Mr. Mediate. I have a new found respect for the sport. Will I continue to spend much time watching golf? probably not too much but I am glad I took the time to watch during this past weekend. It was much more entertaining than watching the Celts vs. Lake show. That was one of the more boring series I've watched in a while. I mean seriously? could the Lakers front court be any softer? Bunch of pink pies out there.
The celts just wanted it much more. Admittedly I was going for the Lakers...don't ask. (I despise them greatly) and had it been any other team playing against them I would not have been on their side, make no mistake. I just really don't like Garnett or the fans in Boston. I don't think Rondo is very good, mediocre pg at best on a great team. I CANNOT STAND Perkins, that dude is just a moronic prick. I do have a lot of respect for Ray Allen although. So in all, I really don't mind that the celts won, At least I got to see the Lakers get reamed so that helps. In between watching golf on Sunday, there were a bunch of police officers across the street for some reason. I took a photo which the officer did not appreciate from the reaction I got. Our cat Penelope has been very talkative lately too, I think she is trying to relay an important message that is just not getting through. Oh and the Hydrangeas are coming in nicely, Although they were not pink last year? your guess is as good as mine.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

going dooowntown.

Friday our class went to the Museum of Contemporary Arts SD downtown location. We went to check out the Maya Lin exhibit. She is the Chinese American architect/ artist that designed the monuments for civil rights and Vietnam veterans, among other works of course. Her work is very intriguing I think, she is very precise with her works which I think comes from her architectural background. Although we weren't permitted to photograph inside of the museum I will post one particular work that I found most interesting. So after the museum, we walked down the harbor and I took a few random photo's while compiling blisters on the back of my heels.

Later I went and finally got a much needed oil change, and grabbed some beer, I haven't had a decent beer in over a week. I got screwed out of like 8 dollars at the grocery store due to not having one of those club cards. Man they really get you when you do not have one of those marketing tools to aid them. They jack up the prices significantly so that it is insane not to shop with one.
The silly thing is that I applied for one of the cards online like a month ago but never received anything in the mail as indicated I would. Second time better be the charm.

I did this project for a restaurant in my hometown of Merced a few months back. It consisted of four 3.5' x 6' panels that I put together. Then I painted landscapes of spots in Yosemite Nation Park in northern Ca. I finished when I was still living in merced. They felt the the walls were still too bare so they enlisted me once again to add one more panel to the collection. I bought the materials, moved to SD and completed the last one about a month or so back. I will Post the photo's momentarily. Anyway so the owner knew some people down here for the US Open so they came by the other evening and picked up the last panel. So the whole is finished and hopefully the check is in the mail. One of the first real paying gigs, I think it came out alright. I look forward to the next endeavor, whatever that may consist. of. yosemite #5vernal falls from mist trail.Mount Hoffman @ sunset from lower cathedral lakehalf dome from stonemans bridgeel capitan

My roommate has been making breakfast on the weekends for the past couple of weeks. It has been like a dream waking up to the smell of bacon and coffee..I think It's going to be one huge bubble burst the next time this act of kindness doesn't take place. I am setting myself up for disaster here. I'll need to start practicing my embrace of the letdown.

Tomorrow I have vowed to go downtown again for a bikeride. It's pretty fun riding around down there.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

"Gem of San Diego"

Monday for class we had to go to Balboa park and soak it up. For our latest project, we are designing a poster to promote the park blah blah blah. I am doing something pretty simple but I think it might still be alright once completed. Anyway It was a pretty nice day. I got mildly sunburned which is what happens literally every time I am outside for more than 5 minutes, damn that lack of melanin! Anyway here are a couple of photo's. Man, design comp is almost over. Next is raster graphics. Boredom looms.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

the fix is in!


The letter also details an incident in the 2002 playoffs in which Donaghy alleges that two referees, who were known as NBA "company men," wanted to extend a series to seven games. "Team 5" could have wrapped up the series in Game 6 but saw two players foul out, lost the game and ultimately the series.

Only one series went to seven games in the 2002 playoffs: Los Angeles Lakers against Sacramento Kings.

In Game 6, the Lakers made 34-of-40 free throws to 18-of-25 for the Kings. In the fourth quarter alone, Los Angeles hit 21-of-27 from the line while Sacramento made 7-of-9. After that game, a 106-102 Lakers win, Kings coach Rick Adelman expressed his frustration with the officiating.

"Our big guys get 20 fouls tonight and [Shaquille O'Neal] gets four? You tell me how the game went," Adelman said. "It's just the way it is. Obviously, they got the game called the way they wanted to get it called."

The Lakers went on to win the championship in 2002.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Sunday Fun Day

Today is Sunday. Usually on Sunday's there are bike rides downtown. I am lazy today, not to mention out of shape again. The degree of shape that I keep is very inconsistent. Anyway I've got a couple of new photographs. Bad quality but I sort of like for photo's of my artwork to be shitty, that way you may just think that the work is actually better but the photo's do no justice... If that makes any sense. Anyway one is another self portrait (not really) but this time with colored prisma markers. Those things are tricky. This other piece was from a project where we had to ink a corner building perspective. I enjoy the way it came out, although had I not been getting burnt out by working on it so long I may of gotten cleaner details. Oh well, next time huh. The drawing is in reference to the old marquard's building in San Francisco, some parts are true the actual street corner and a bunch of it was improvised cause I was lazy.
Saturday we went out, Nathalie and I to find a new box for our cat Penelope. We managed to keep things fresh with this new installation. Sweet 42" Panasonic Viera box for her to set up as her new surprise attack station. I think she needs another cat friend, she would rather play and eat cardboard than socialize with us owners. I am lobbying for a Bengal cat but I dunno if I am living up to my expectations as an accredited lobbyist. Once again, next time huh..
Oh yea I almost forgot, check out this stick bug that has found residence in our patio area for the last week or so.
I had never seen one of these before.

Friday, June 6, 2008


So I am in school currently, Platt College specifically. Right now I am in design comp which is mostly all hand created artwork, the nitty gritty. So we went to the zoo to sketch etc, which we did none of.  So I take my camera and  all the animals were either sleeping (see panda) or had their asses facing us. The meerkat's were rad, they actually let me take some photo's inbetween running rampant and digging holes. So here are a few pictures from the San Diego Zoo.

Blog Day 1

So I have a flickr account that I post to occasionally but figured maybe creating some type of story line may be interesting as well. It is safe to assume that not all the content is relevant, or interesting to anyone else besides myself, yet I still feel compelled.