Thursday, March 26, 2009

No need to believe all the Blake Griffen hype...don't get me wrong, he is a monster. I just don't think he is big enough to play power forward in the nba as effectively as everyone anticipates. Ricky Rubio is as crafty as any point guard in the league currently. He lacks some athleticism yet has quick feet, insane ball handing and a floor I.Q. that is beyond his years. I am hoping sacramento feels the same way, they are in disarray and need a serious point guard as well as a real coach. This is all I could ask for next year. Just find a way to get this guy, trade down if you have to. The worst thing that could happen is they end up with the 3rd pick or Ricky does not enter the draft. I am interested to see what happens.

it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

Today has been really pleasant outside. I walked around for a little while and snapped a few shots. I had just gotten Aperture loaded to my computer and I wanted to get used to the ins and outs. I like it, i'd say even more than lightroom actually (much faster uploads from the camera) Anyway here are a few photo's from this afternoon. I think we are gonna try out the sauna this evening. I need to sweat out some toxins.
DSC_0090 (1).jpg
DSC_0005.jpgDSC_0037 (1).jpgDSC_0050.jpgDSC_0049.jpg

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Friday, March 20, 2009

loose lips sink ships

My apartment has sprung a leak!
All of the sudden we hear a constant dripping noise and think it is probably abby's doing. Nah, our ceiling is caving in and the carpet is soaked from the padding up. The main line broke and was leaking through the walls. Looks like it is fixed for now. We have a fan in our apartment for the next day or so and then we have to get the carpet cleaned. Hopefully no drywall needs to be taken out, wish it would have happened after we moved out but that is just how it goes sometimes


Thursday, March 19, 2009

so little time

I've got so much reading to do in my new classes!
On another note, I am excited that k-os will be releasing his new album later this month. He has done well not leaking it so far.
I cannot seem to find it anywhere. Oh come on, I was gonna purchase the damn thing regardless!
Here is a cool video they made recently for the track, 4321. It is an awesome 12 fps video shot in a mall somewhere in Canada.

k-os - 4,3,2,1 from nettwerkmusic on Vimeo.

Monday, March 16, 2009

told you so.

Here are a couple of things I did for drawing class.
I enjoy charcoal, just not that shitty newsprint paper, all the values get saturated and when I work a lot with the paper, the fibers become weak and it ruins the textures and gradients. I enjoyed the class overall, when I do anything on my own time I will be inclined to use good quality paper. Anyway here are a few like I said, nothing outstanding but it is a start, I never got more than I think 30 minutes on any one application so as you can see, there are not many heads...go figure.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

antsy pants

Well, Looks like the previously mentioned move is imminent.
Mary put in the notice today so there is not likely a chance to turn back now. There is a positive. We are going to be moving during the weekend starting saturday I believe and Mary will be taking PTO so that works out better than previously anticipated. The moving day looks to be the 11th, so we are looking at just under one month. Cool thing is that we don't have to totally commit to packing things. We will only need a handful of boxes since we are just going back and forth between two building which are right next to each other. By no means is it going to be FUN but I suppose I am willing to embrace any silver lining to be found. So if any of you are free on that particular day, feel free to help us. Or if you just wanna come over and pamper the anxiety ridden cats, that would be cool too. I think we are gonna try and borrow some pro dollies from the ups guy cause he is cool like that. I started working out again in preparation for the move. I don't want any crazy muscle cramps like last time (was not cool at all).

I had to study a good portion of the morning since I have a couple of finals on Monday. Come Tuesday I start four new classes which include speech, english, art survey and portfolio development. In ten weeks I will finally start my B.S. program and get down to brass tax. That also means I will be in search of a new student loan which hopefully does not pose any serious problems, It seems that it always gets stressful when that time comes around.

I missed out this morning on the St. Patty's day parade with Neil, Megan and everyone. I had a lot of fun last year but I found that I had too much on my plate this morning, I really need to watch my money as well. Seems like things always pop up and rid me of my budgeting or lack there of. I just have too many vices, but vices are important to have I think, unless they cause trouble of course. Well I need to get back to some productive chores and errands so that I feel like I am worth something.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

unwarranted sleep deprivation

Daylight savings is a blessing and a curse. I just got mildly used to waking up at 630 every morning to make it to class on time. This was a pretty drastic change in my sleeping schedule. I don't think i've ever had to wake up that early on a consistent basis at any other point in my life. I cry about it but it really is not that bad. What is bad is that tomorrow, time ditches us behind and laughs while we try and catch up, with no remorse naturally. I don't know how I will react to it. Tomorrow morning I will just sleep in like all other weekend mornings but when monday morning approaches...

Also, Mary really wants to move into a different apartment. It is the same size and floor plan but has a couple of additions and subtractions. First, the balcony is at least twice the size of the one we currently have. The patio and apartment also receives a lot more natural light which we currently have lacking. There is also a closet out on the patio which can house a good quantity of our property which is stacked in boxes that never made it any further. The other plus is that we get a pristine apartment that needs no cat repairs. Here are a few downsides. The apartment is on the second floor which I have mixed feelings about. The balcony wall is lower and I fear that abigail will spring over that shit with reckless abandon. Another thing is that by nature, when you move your self, usually your things have to go with you and the only way for that to happen is if you physically engage in manual labor. I am not a gigantic fan of manual labor for the most part. Moving would not be as difficult as if we were relocating across town etc. but it still entails a little sweat and some potential muscle strains. We would more than likely have to move during the week which would make enlisting help problematic. Then there is changing my address with like 10 different places and forwarding all our services and crap. Moving is a headache which I am sure most everyone can empathize with. I have to at least seriously consider doing this since Mary is really lobbying the move. Honestly, I could care less but that is not the issue. Maybe I am learning something. Go figure.

Friday, March 6, 2009

parks and recreation

Today my lit class went to the Torrey Pines state reserve. No parking available for free so we had to front the bill, no worries. We hiked over the hill down to the beach. The sand was a mixture of black and tan warmth. It was a bit breezy but pleasant. The hike was more strenuous than anticipated,( still wasn't really bad, I just didn't know we had to hike ). We found our way to a little building on the way to the beach which housed a nice state worker that was making sure to do a wonderful job in fear of losing her job I imagine. We voiced our unwillingness to watch an informative video pertaining the the reserve and we were on our way back on the path to descend towards the beach. We climbed some interesting rocks in order to position ourselves comfortably where we each had the opportunity (forced) to share a poem. It was a hot and cold experience with the sun peaking in and out from over the blanketed clouds.

I need to stop taking naps after class, it seems when given the gift of potential productivity I tend to squander it. I need to draw a lot this weekend to complete all my assignments for life art and drawing. Then there is math... I am glad I never had any dreams of becoming a physicist when I was younger. No bubbles to burst here. I really like working with pastels and charcoal. Just though I would add that last part and maybe another. I wish art did not entail such a process of cleaning up afterwards. I guess the good things in life take time to clean up after your done with them.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

dead in the water

I use my computer a lot, around 10 hours a day or so. Constantly on the thing either using the internet, doing projects, working with photos etc. I take the thing for granted. Last night I was watching basketball on the computer since that is the only way I get to watch it these days and I see this weird looking teal green horizontal line flickering mid screen that is about 1px wide. I am thinking it is just a glitch from the media it isn't. I process some restarts to no avail. This morning i fire it up, having forgotten completely that this problem exists. There is the neat little line again! I figure it will only get worse over time. I just want a new computer but that is merely a pipe dream at this point. Hopefully it proves to be simply cosmetic at least for a while anyway. I am screwed it if totally fails, I am working on borrowed time here. Luck, please be with me.