Friday, December 5, 2008

I think I am needy

I am a needy person. Come to think of it, you can call it a lot of different things, spoiled, entitled, accustomed. When things aren't going according to plan, I get in a rut. Not like a deep depression but some days things are just kinda whatever you know.
I am used to hearing new music just about every week. I seek new tunes pretty much every tuesday awaiting a new release that maybe I did not realize was coming out etc. I await this like a child awaits an afternoon snackpack. When there is a week where nothing seems to catch my ear I get a little irritable. I look for those jams that I never got to get a feel for from the past or maybe just some classics. The music scene has gotten very saturated so these days it is difficult to differentiate between shitty music and artists who are onto something, I enjoy taking this task—it is like an adventure to me. This time of year is slow for music as well. Hip Hop is one of my comfort genre's, I have been very passionate about my hip hop as I feel there is a very large gap between what hip hop is and what hip hop is not. The scene is very shitty right now to be honest. Nothing like what it was in the early nineties to early two thousands. There is still good hip hop out there but sometime you get fooled by artists you thought were set in their musical foundation and they totally flip the script on you. There is nothing wrong with innovation but there comes a breaking point when you just have to put down the craft once it is unrecognizable to those who got them to where they are today.

Indie music is a beast, there is so much raw talent out there that most will never hear in their lifetimes which is sad. I used to be stuck up and mislead. I thought good music was only for those who truly knew what was REALLY going on. I acted pretentious and was probably annoying to a lot of people. I think everyone should be exposed to artists who take pride in their crafts that go far beyond any monetary gain. I think there is a place for commercial music, there is also some good commercial music out there—just not for me on the greater scale. It is like some record execs got together and did brain wave testing on primitive animals and passed the data along to the vast majority of commercial producers. That beepy, whispering shit simply bothers and perplexes me. The thing is that if more people drove the independent scene, don't you think more people would produce good, whole hearted music? Maybe, maybe not. The marketing giants know what works and won't waste too much time on risky business. The problem is that they are the ones who control the airwaves, see CLEAR CHANNEL. Well that is my morning rant, I've been up since early this morning eagerly awaiting the fedex man so I can itch that spoiled scratch. It is a love hate relationship being a consumer.

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