Thursday, December 11, 2008

calm before the storm

I am really enjoying my new toy.
My camera is fun to play with, the cats are tired of getting photographed I think though. I went outside earlier and took a few photos. I love my 50mm f/1.4d lens. The rich depth of field is great. I also upgraded my flickr account so now I can upload better quality files without any restrictions. I can also upload video to flickr now as well. I still have not fully experimented with it yet but be sure that I will. I will post a few photos after this. Tonight if it is clear I might take a shot at some long exposures down the street. I will get to posting those later tomorrow if that works out.

School is going well. I am in the middle of the last project for this class which should take us until the end of next week or monday I believe. I have honestly enjoyed having the teacher that we do. He is a straight shooter and definitely is real with everyone. He is full of useful knowledge so It has been very productive and I've been trying to soak everything up like a sponge. After break I will start my last design class for my A.S. degree then it is on to general Ed which has to be taken during the mornings. Yes, I will have to start waking up at like 6:30 to get to school every morning. No more afternoon laziness on my part. I should be done with the A.S. in May I believe, then the next day it is on to the B.S. program where I will be focusing on 3d animation etc. That too will only take place in the mornings so I seriously need to soak this afternoon gig up while I still have the chance. One good thing is that I will be out of class by 12:00 everyday which is early day in my book.

For Christmas break Mary and I are going back to Merced for like 4 or 5 days I think. Her family is kind enough to put us up during our stay, Her Auntie Joe and Uncle Romie as well as cousin Rowell are the coolest and nicest family, funny senses of humor as well. So there are a ton of other people here in SD going back to Merced, it is like the San Diego's Merced chapter coming for a visit. Hopefully we will all have a good time. Mary's sister Glenda, Tony and family should also be making an appearance there in Merced. It may be overwhelming during our stay but we will make-due. We are forced to acquire the services of a cat sitter while we are away, ensuring they are fed and taken care of during our trip. I thought it was a pretty clever business being an animal sitter albeit kind of odd at the same time. They are willing to do the work on Christmas Day even so it saves us a lot of worry at least. By the way, Abigail is doing well after her spaying debacle, crazy as ever to be honest. She now has a tail which is broken in two places due to her rowdy nature. So anyway Merced is our destination for the holiday because naturally, that is where all of our family is. I hope it is not too cold but of course it will be. Can't wait to see a few old friends as well as family. My nieces and nephews are probably all taller than me by now.

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We can't wait to see you either!