Thursday, June 18, 2009

Web class is killing all my free time. That is all.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Last night we got hungry and all decided to make the drive up to Escondido and try out the Stone Brewery Bistro. I had really been wanting to go for quite some time. Kurt, Nathalie, Mary and I all caught a late reservation. I have to say, I was pleased. Although when you go to a brewery like stone, one would assume they only serve stone beers; quite the contrary. I committed sacrilege and ordered Pliny anyway (had to get two since they are only served in 8 oz. glasses). The food was pretty good, I even ate some of kurts ceviche. After we got back home, Nathalie unpacked from Japan (2+ months later). Thanks for the Sake!

DSC_0200 copy.pngDSC_0207 copy.png
DSC_0206.pngpitch black recoveryDSC_0193 copy.pngDSC_0189 copy.pngDSC_0188 copy.pngDSC_0184 copy.pngDSC_0179 copy.pngDSC_0174 copy.pngDSC_0170 copy.pngDSC_0163.pngDSC_0162 copy.pngDSC_0161 copy.pngDSC_0208 copy.pngDSC_0209 copy.pngDSC_0210 copy.pngDSC_0219 copy.pngDSC_0213 copy.pngDSC_0211 copy.png

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Evening update..

Here is the other nights tasting. It was a collaboration between Russian River and Avery brewery. It was very good.
And earlier today, out of nowhere, it hailed for a while with a bunch of thunder and lightning. People from SD aren't used to this kind of weather I guess. Here is a photo right after the hail.


Here is a tutorial I just finished, I am trying to mess with ps as much as possible to try and learn new techniques. This one is a little cheesy but it all counts..