Thursday, July 30, 2009


Here is the first 3d model that I have been working on. It only has some shaders and one small text map on the cartridges. I have been trying to figure out all the texture mapping but it is proving to be a challenge to make look good. I am getting a better feel for Maya but still have a ways to go.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

step into a world.

Not a whole lot going on over here. I started my 3D class—couldn't have come sooner! My first impression with the program we are running, (maya09) is of intimidation. It looks overwhelming at first glance but I think it is coming along. Our instructor went over the main functions VERY quickly in one day and pretty much has left us all to fend for ourselves. I hate asking for help all the damn time... although I am paying dearly for it. I was recently able to get my hands on the software for home use, so that is what I am doing right now. This stuff is awesome, once I can accustom myself to the in's and outs of it all, I think I will be in good shape. I will post some progress later on.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Pechanga Pow Wow 7/04/09

Went to the Pechenga Pow Wow for the 4th. Never been to a Pow Wow before. I thought it was pretty cool. I was in search for a sweet set of moccasins but could not find anything that suited me well. The one pair with custom beadwork were well over $245.00 which is understandable, just not in my future. There was some sweet Regalia there though, as well as some delicious fry bread and tacos. You cannot go wrong with fry bread! Unfortunately I didn't get any good photos of the regalia for fear of disrespecting anyone... I didn't realize there were some unspoken rules for photographers at pow wows. Once the fireworks started, I fired up the slr and went to work. The show was one of the best I have ever witnessed. We could literally feel the firework explosions rip through the air. The finale was nearly 2 minutes long. Here are a couple of photos...