Saturday, September 10, 2011

lights out

Thursday, San Diego and much of the south west seemed to have lost access to power. Supposedly, an honest mistake made by one guy. Pretty significant outage, affecting over 1.5 million people for about 9 hours; at least where I was.

The outage, while not immediately life threatening, did give us a bit of a wake-up call. We had no idea when the power would come back on. We weren't immediately shaken, but the question of whether we would be prepared for a prolonged outage was settling in.

We cruised over to the Farmers market by where we live to grab something to eat for the evening. A farmers market is PERFECT for power outages. They were selling out left and right. What an awesome boost for those guys. We grabbed some goods, got home and BBQ'd by lantern light.

We played board games and actually interacted. It was pleasant. Although, still having a wax mess to deal with from all the candles isn't as inspiring.

Heres a photo of a candle casualty, blown out just after the power resumed around midnight here.

The other day, I finished designing and printing out the hang tags for our wedding favors. We had to source more matching card stock in Carlsbad. Mary and I also had to come to terms with how I envisioned the tag design. She was correct with her assessment and critique. We agreed this version looked more cohesive.

The wedding is not far away now. We are still trying to tie some loose ends. I feel things are coming together. Here's to a fun time to be had!