Friday, January 29, 2010


I love the views from our balcony, it seems that there are new colors at sunset every night. Here are a few recents. The first, a photo of pretty big hail that fell about a week ago.



I am now in term 6 of my classes, which means I am that much closer to graduation. That in itself is a bit scary. Loan repayment is fast approaching. I am currently in Motion Builder class, which consists of animation, both motion capture and manually keyed. It is always a balancing act trying to stay creatively motivated when learning new programs. Luckily the ins and outs of Motion Builder are relatively similar to Maya since it is developed by autodesk (bought out).

The first two weeks of class have consisted of learning the technical aspect of the program. I am happy with the teaching method, it had a practical approach which is hands on. Three more weeks, then on to rendering and lighting which should be very cool as well. I will talk more about my plans for our final project in the next installment.