Thursday, December 18, 2008

pleasantly surprised

Today turns out to be a Friday surprise. I finished my project that is due on Monday so my teacher said I had no need to come in on Friday, so things worked out nicely I think. I finished my 16 page annual report that I produced. It was done on the company,Nikon. I think the layout turned out pretty good, I mean you really cannot get to terribly creative with an annual report since it is a corporate document highlighting shares and business etc. The printer in class has a fuse problem so I will have to reprint if I want to use this project for my portfolio. So anyway tomorrow is open, I will try and mess with some photo stuff. I learned the process of creating HDR, which is pretty lengthy but awesome and worth it. I will post the first one I did, just a lamp in the living room. Not spectacular but cool nonetheless. Time to get geared up for the trip home, should be there Tuesday night if weather permits. Hopefully no snow on the grapevine. I am out!
#1 HDR.jpg

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