Monday, December 8, 2008


So I was on a walk coming back from the Cafe down the street and as I turn the corner I hear what sounds like a sonic boom—the noise was loud enough that I could feel the bass ripple through the air. I am thinking,"holy shit something just happened!" I see some smoke billowing into the air and I am thinking something just fell from the sky or something. I walk back into the apartment and I hear tons of sirens, turn on the tv and breaking news almost immediately..they are sending helicopters and engines asap to get coverage. My coverage was just down the street so I grab my camera and get as close as I could. An F-18 fighter jet crashed directly into a house, the pilot was ejected while my neighbors could see the guy float down from the sky into an area school field. Mind you this is within a quarter mile or so from my apartment. As of right now two homes are completely destroyed, I don't know if anyone was inside the homes, hopefully no animals or people are hurt. CRAZY way to start my afternoon. I wish I would have bought that telephoto but oh well. I might go see what the wreckage looks like in a little while if they let people that close. Here are some photos I got. Notice there are like 40 cars in a row in the no parking anytime lane and the one where the soccer players aren't phased in the least.. Game On!!! ( EDIT: two people are confirmed dead and two people are missing.)

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TotusMel said...

When I saw that on the twitter, my first thought was of you...crazy that you WERE actually that close.