Friday, June 25, 2010

I am weak.

I wasn't gonna be a slave to technology, I wasn't gonna contribute to the hype. Not because I didn't feel like it, it was mostly cause I don't have disposable income. Anyway, where there is a will, there is a way. I was able to sell my 3gs for pretty much exactly what I would pay for a new phone. In fact I only spent something like 17 cents out of pocket.

Anyway, so I get the thing the other morning. It really is pretty sweet; even with all the purported problems. Mine seems to be void of all those issues in all honesty. The screen is SUPER sharp. They weren't really exaggerating when compared to the previous generation phone. 1 ghz chip is way faster, it runs 512 mb of ram. That is as much ram that was in my last imac when I bought it.

The camera is lightyears ahead of the previous version. It is 5 mp and the sensor is much more sensitive to photons. This enables much quicker exposures in normal light and pretty awesome low light results. I have attached a few examples taken today on the patio. It takes sharp photos. The flash is okay, nice to have I suppose in certain circumstances. Not expecting it be a savior by any means. The video is also pretty sweet. It uses h.264 compression which has been shown to be a very formidable codec. The additional compression that flickr used on my upload was intolerable so I will post a video sample at a later time. There are some other features that are available now in the ios4 which can be mentioned, such as multitasking with apps like pandora. You could do some of this stuff already with a jailbreak, I'll also be jailbreaking this badboy once it is feasible. Can't for someone else to get their hands on one so I can test out the facetalk feature which looks pretty cool as well.