Sunday, March 1, 2009

dead in the water

I use my computer a lot, around 10 hours a day or so. Constantly on the thing either using the internet, doing projects, working with photos etc. I take the thing for granted. Last night I was watching basketball on the computer since that is the only way I get to watch it these days and I see this weird looking teal green horizontal line flickering mid screen that is about 1px wide. I am thinking it is just a glitch from the media it isn't. I process some restarts to no avail. This morning i fire it up, having forgotten completely that this problem exists. There is the neat little line again! I figure it will only get worse over time. I just want a new computer but that is merely a pipe dream at this point. Hopefully it proves to be simply cosmetic at least for a while anyway. I am screwed it if totally fails, I am working on borrowed time here. Luck, please be with me.

1 comment:

mama4 said...

You know I lived a long time without a computer. I am pretty sure youll be just fine. love ya