Saturday, March 14, 2009

antsy pants

Well, Looks like the previously mentioned move is imminent.
Mary put in the notice today so there is not likely a chance to turn back now. There is a positive. We are going to be moving during the weekend starting saturday I believe and Mary will be taking PTO so that works out better than previously anticipated. The moving day looks to be the 11th, so we are looking at just under one month. Cool thing is that we don't have to totally commit to packing things. We will only need a handful of boxes since we are just going back and forth between two building which are right next to each other. By no means is it going to be FUN but I suppose I am willing to embrace any silver lining to be found. So if any of you are free on that particular day, feel free to help us. Or if you just wanna come over and pamper the anxiety ridden cats, that would be cool too. I think we are gonna try and borrow some pro dollies from the ups guy cause he is cool like that. I started working out again in preparation for the move. I don't want any crazy muscle cramps like last time (was not cool at all).

I had to study a good portion of the morning since I have a couple of finals on Monday. Come Tuesday I start four new classes which include speech, english, art survey and portfolio development. In ten weeks I will finally start my B.S. program and get down to brass tax. That also means I will be in search of a new student loan which hopefully does not pose any serious problems, It seems that it always gets stressful when that time comes around.

I missed out this morning on the St. Patty's day parade with Neil, Megan and everyone. I had a lot of fun last year but I found that I had too much on my plate this morning, I really need to watch my money as well. Seems like things always pop up and rid me of my budgeting or lack there of. I just have too many vices, but vices are important to have I think, unless they cause trouble of course. Well I need to get back to some productive chores and errands so that I feel like I am worth something.


TotusMel said...

Have fun moving!

REIGNSoner said...

Be prepared to embrace some silver lining...I'll bring Megan over she can help you move! Okay...I'll help too. Just make sure there are a few frosty oat soadas available after the move.

REIGNSoner said...

Soadas are kinda like sodas just more complex.