Thursday, February 26, 2009

"when in doubt, Castle"

Life drawing went well today, although I feel that I may be contracting black lung from the subtraction drawings. All that airborne charcoal cannot be beneficial for the long term. I blow charcoal out of my nose for two days on average after class. I need to just keep drawing and get back into it like crazy, sometimes I forget how much I enjoy it... at least when it is productive. Like I said before, I will compile a few after the class is over maybe and post them here.

Oh, look at Abigail. Chick is getting so big these days. Started to let her go outside onto the patio, that may have created a problem. I want to get her a kiddie pool to swim in for the summer. I don't think they make those for cats though, I may just have to improvise. Her first leash training was unsuccessful. We will try that again in the future.

We are going to the symphony tonight at Copley hall. Mary and I get in at a good rate since it is through school. I may talk about that experience tomorrow if it proves enlightening.


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mama4 said...

Miss you uncle jay jay

Isac i guess the other kids to