Friday, March 6, 2009

parks and recreation

Today my lit class went to the Torrey Pines state reserve. No parking available for free so we had to front the bill, no worries. We hiked over the hill down to the beach. The sand was a mixture of black and tan warmth. It was a bit breezy but pleasant. The hike was more strenuous than anticipated,( still wasn't really bad, I just didn't know we had to hike ). We found our way to a little building on the way to the beach which housed a nice state worker that was making sure to do a wonderful job in fear of losing her job I imagine. We voiced our unwillingness to watch an informative video pertaining the the reserve and we were on our way back on the path to descend towards the beach. We climbed some interesting rocks in order to position ourselves comfortably where we each had the opportunity (forced) to share a poem. It was a hot and cold experience with the sun peaking in and out from over the blanketed clouds.

I need to stop taking naps after class, it seems when given the gift of potential productivity I tend to squander it. I need to draw a lot this weekend to complete all my assignments for life art and drawing. Then there is math... I am glad I never had any dreams of becoming a physicist when I was younger. No bubbles to burst here. I really like working with pastels and charcoal. Just though I would add that last part and maybe another. I wish art did not entail such a process of cleaning up afterwards. I guess the good things in life take time to clean up after your done with them.

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