Friday, July 11, 2008


It has been far too long since we last spoke. Things have been pushing along steadily. Debates, argument, laughing, crying, hIghs, lows, headaches and drunken stupors. Well only a few of those have actually taken place in recent weeks but I like how dramatic it all sounds. The truth of the matter is that I have been too lazy to submit any content. Like it really matters I know. I decided to go ahead this evening and update for updates sake. I cannot remember where I have left off. Please excuse me while I unload.

Last week was my official summer vacation. It consisted of one full week of anti school. The thing is that I have not been back in school long enough to be sick of it yet. In fact I enjoy going to school. I am at the point in my life where I am enthralled with the idea of learning new things and becoming more adept with every facet of art. So anyway I started my vacation off last weekend slowly but surely with a whole lot of nothing. I get a call on Sunday from a very good friend, Kurt. He has been planning on continuing school down here in San Diego in order to receive his degree and go forth with a career. So he has been procrastinating about coming down here and finding a place to stay. It happened that I was free so He flew out Monday and For the next few days he was able to inquire about and secure a location to reside for this coming Sept. semester. He was super stressed initially, we were probably not the most productive apartment hunters to ever live but we ended up getting the job done.
He got a cool place in a desirable area of SD. After those long drawn out bike rides I can just pass out over there until fully recovered. I will supply a few photo's of the terminal area where I picked em up on monday. The airline that flies non stop to fresno from SD I learned will be closing it's doors in Sept. That blows, fuel costs are for the birds. Good times to come once that guys settles in down here if he every has any time off.
terminal 1
terminal 2
terminal 3
gutter girl

After I dropped My buddy off on Thursday, I chilled out around the apt, waited around most of the evening waiting for Mary's parents to arrive here. They were supposed to stay here in our apt but luckily we were able to secure them a guest suite here at our complex so that they got to sleep soundly in actual beds. They did not arrive until pretty late in the evening so the evening was mostly botched in that regard. The next morning we all woke up relatively early and headed over to Mission Beach ( think Sea World area) We got there around 8 am in order to secure a parking spot ( it is an insane situation there on the 4th). Mary's sister, brother in law and family were all camped out and had been since 5 am so that they could secure space to set up our area. (another insane situation) It was pretty foggy in the bay for most of the day actually, it was not until around 4 pm or so that It finally burned off. A lot of extended family showed up along with some good friends. We played football with the kids, soccer etc. I was shown once again that I am not in any shape to indulge in heavy sporting activities. I ended up getting sunburned (naturally) Finally it was dark and the fireworks started. At first they seemed dull and then all of the sudden THEY REALLY started...pretty cool to see the firework technology get better. Once the finally went off, everyone started rushing to their cars to bone out so they wouldn't get stuck in the traffic. When we started leaving Sea World started their firework show ( the best one all night ) I was stoked to get back to the apt to get showered and pass out. No liquor allowed at the beaches sort of is a let down but I am not willing to get ticketed for it so I shall comply. Here is a photo of Happy, Paulo's dog that doesn't know much about grass. Another one of a firework as it started off...I couldn't get any good ones that night, sorry.

It was nice having mary's fam in town for the weekend. Her mom won at the slots at some casino so we all got treated to some good wine, food and beer at Barolo's down the street. Oh yea, I got some new Toshi double straps for the whip. They are pretty nice. They hold my shoes inside the clips very well. I am poppin major wheelie's these days too. Catch me rollin
Toshi doubles

This week I was back on the grind at school. I was sort of worried and bored in raster class when it first started but I get excited about going now. It seems to be the same way with every class so far. Next term is not too far off, I will need to get my loans in order pretty soon ( wish me luck on that front ) We were supposed to do a poster enticing travelers to various locations. I chose Hawaii since we had to use original photography. I was in Hawaii last year around this same time so those ass loads of pictures I took came in handy. Anyway below I will supply that final project. I like the way my font and flower came out, I felt it was pretty clean. The next project, we had to redesign a book cover that has been published, specifically non-fiction. I was thinking about it...oh what about that fuckin idiot that wrote a book about the bush administration that he contributed to. How nice that he comes out AFTER all the facts and writes the book huh. How convenient. Anyway, same deal,only original photo's. I had this stupid vampire bush sketch I did a while back. I brought it into PS and smudge tooled the hell out of it...did a little of this and a little of that and came out with little diddy. I finished this one today. So here we are..almost all up to date aren't we...Tomorrow I think we are going to have a bon fire at the beach. More tales to come. Maybe I will be a little more diligent with this outlet from now on...maybe not though. Might have to double click on the book cover to view the whole thing, sorry.
Hawaii promo poster
Bushy Boy Book Cover.jpg

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