Monday, July 14, 2008

Saturday evening we went back out to the Bay to have some BBQ and bonfire action. Paulo brought a grip of wood to burn and Tony was a mad grilling machine. We smuggled some beer's and had a pretty nice time. Weather was VERY nice. And to my surprise, Sea World does fireworks every night, what a freaking treat huh. THEN the damn sprinklers started on us. I guess it keeps the transients from sleeping in the park. Sunday I went downtown to ride the whip around. There were a ton of cars rolling around with Obama flags. He was in town giving a speech on immigration and the economy. Anyway I was the only one who showed up for the ride I guess. I rode around and people watched for a couple of hours then headed back for home. Just relaxing before school, listening to some Curumin and grooving out with the cat.

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