Saturday, July 19, 2008

with a heavy heart.

Today is a very gloomy one.
Having received the news that a fellow cyclist is no longer with us. His name was Atip. I did not get the chance to know him, having only been living here a few short months. Although I was not around him much, you could tell his personality and smile was contagious. Very likable and personable guy. He was involved in an accident that took place on park and university while riding his bike. He remained in the icu on life support but unfortunately could not hold on any longer. My heart goes out to the family and closest friends. There will be a memorial tomorrow as a ghost bike will be locked near the location where the tragedy took place. I regret deeply I did not have the opportunity to get to know him. I feel as if I could have benefited greatly from that.
Be safe everyone.

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girlchaos said...

hearing about it last night was absolutely devastating. i only knew him for a few months, but his warm personality and beautiful spirit is definitely something memorable.
he will be missed.