Sunday, June 8, 2008

Sunday Fun Day

Today is Sunday. Usually on Sunday's there are bike rides downtown. I am lazy today, not to mention out of shape again. The degree of shape that I keep is very inconsistent. Anyway I've got a couple of new photographs. Bad quality but I sort of like for photo's of my artwork to be shitty, that way you may just think that the work is actually better but the photo's do no justice... If that makes any sense. Anyway one is another self portrait (not really) but this time with colored prisma markers. Those things are tricky. This other piece was from a project where we had to ink a corner building perspective. I enjoy the way it came out, although had I not been getting burnt out by working on it so long I may of gotten cleaner details. Oh well, next time huh. The drawing is in reference to the old marquard's building in San Francisco, some parts are true the actual street corner and a bunch of it was improvised cause I was lazy.
Saturday we went out, Nathalie and I to find a new box for our cat Penelope. We managed to keep things fresh with this new installation. Sweet 42" Panasonic Viera box for her to set up as her new surprise attack station. I think she needs another cat friend, she would rather play and eat cardboard than socialize with us owners. I am lobbying for a Bengal cat but I dunno if I am living up to my expectations as an accredited lobbyist. Once again, next time huh..
Oh yea I almost forgot, check out this stick bug that has found residence in our patio area for the last week or so.
I had never seen one of these before.

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TotusMel said...

We laugh at your photos of artwork comment...we do.