Wednesday, June 18, 2008

hump day

Today was the last day of Design comp which I had previously eluded to in a prior post. It is sort of bittersweet. I will miss working with drawings and such so often. Next is raster graphics which consists of work with Photoshop. I have limited experience with the program so I am anxious to learn the ins and outs. We were given back some artwork from design comp which I will post here.

This past weekend was alright, I watched the ENTIRE Us Open. I've never actually watched golf before but since this tourney was in San Diego I gave in a little attention. What surprised me was that I was enthralled. I couldn't stop watching, I learned a lot about golf while witnessing a monumental match between Mr. Woods and Mr. Mediate. I have a new found respect for the sport. Will I continue to spend much time watching golf? probably not too much but I am glad I took the time to watch during this past weekend. It was much more entertaining than watching the Celts vs. Lake show. That was one of the more boring series I've watched in a while. I mean seriously? could the Lakers front court be any softer? Bunch of pink pies out there.
The celts just wanted it much more. Admittedly I was going for the Lakers...don't ask. (I despise them greatly) and had it been any other team playing against them I would not have been on their side, make no mistake. I just really don't like Garnett or the fans in Boston. I don't think Rondo is very good, mediocre pg at best on a great team. I CANNOT STAND Perkins, that dude is just a moronic prick. I do have a lot of respect for Ray Allen although. So in all, I really don't mind that the celts won, At least I got to see the Lakers get reamed so that helps. In between watching golf on Sunday, there were a bunch of police officers across the street for some reason. I took a photo which the officer did not appreciate from the reaction I got. Our cat Penelope has been very talkative lately too, I think she is trying to relay an important message that is just not getting through. Oh and the Hydrangeas are coming in nicely, Although they were not pink last year? your guess is as good as mine.

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