Saturday, June 14, 2008

going dooowntown.

Friday our class went to the Museum of Contemporary Arts SD downtown location. We went to check out the Maya Lin exhibit. She is the Chinese American architect/ artist that designed the monuments for civil rights and Vietnam veterans, among other works of course. Her work is very intriguing I think, she is very precise with her works which I think comes from her architectural background. Although we weren't permitted to photograph inside of the museum I will post one particular work that I found most interesting. So after the museum, we walked down the harbor and I took a few random photo's while compiling blisters on the back of my heels.

Later I went and finally got a much needed oil change, and grabbed some beer, I haven't had a decent beer in over a week. I got screwed out of like 8 dollars at the grocery store due to not having one of those club cards. Man they really get you when you do not have one of those marketing tools to aid them. They jack up the prices significantly so that it is insane not to shop with one.
The silly thing is that I applied for one of the cards online like a month ago but never received anything in the mail as indicated I would. Second time better be the charm.

I did this project for a restaurant in my hometown of Merced a few months back. It consisted of four 3.5' x 6' panels that I put together. Then I painted landscapes of spots in Yosemite Nation Park in northern Ca. I finished when I was still living in merced. They felt the the walls were still too bare so they enlisted me once again to add one more panel to the collection. I bought the materials, moved to SD and completed the last one about a month or so back. I will Post the photo's momentarily. Anyway so the owner knew some people down here for the US Open so they came by the other evening and picked up the last panel. So the whole is finished and hopefully the check is in the mail. One of the first real paying gigs, I think it came out alright. I look forward to the next endeavor, whatever that may consist. of. yosemite #5vernal falls from mist trail.Mount Hoffman @ sunset from lower cathedral lakehalf dome from stonemans bridgeel capitan

My roommate has been making breakfast on the weekends for the past couple of weeks. It has been like a dream waking up to the smell of bacon and coffee..I think It's going to be one huge bubble burst the next time this act of kindness doesn't take place. I am setting myself up for disaster here. I'll need to start practicing my embrace of the letdown.

Tomorrow I have vowed to go downtown again for a bikeride. It's pretty fun riding around down there.

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I am really astounded by your inate talent, really.