Thursday, October 9, 2008

Proposition 8

Alright, I cannot pretend like my opinion means much to anyone else but I need to at least express my concerns. Yesterday me and Mary are in Mira Mesa picking some stuff up from Target and then cruise by In N Out to grab some food. While we are driving by we see an angry mob of families with strollers in one hand and signs in others. These signs are aimed at promoting Proposition 8 which would ban same sex marriages. They read,"Protect my family!" I have heard this ridiculous argument before—it has never seemed so ridiculous as now. What the hell do two people who care for each other enough to suffer in matrimony have to do with you and your fuckin family? Teaching same sex marriage in school is going to somehow manipulate your children? Give me a break! Are you afraid your children will come home and want their khakis pressed or something? And maybe you should take responsibility and tell your own shitty children that it is 2008 and you are too ignorant and close-minded to except reality around you. I wish there were more households that could be enabled to adopt children, at least a child living in a household with a gay partnership would be more likely exposed to the arts and fine things in life.

"Oh but that gay sex is ewwwwee"— Just cause Gay partners get to marry does not mean you are going to see orgies on street corners. "Oh but churches could face lawsuits." I think they should face more lawsuits. Look how the Catholic church protects their sexual predatory priests, they don't even go to court or see any type of justice for the type of heinous shit they have done. Organized religion is a sham in my book, a tax exempt financial juggernaut. You know the Mormon church claims to have pumped over 35 percent of the funding to push prop 8... Maybe it is not a clear violation of the conflict between church and state but it seems a bit creepy when a church who were historically discriminated against because of their views on marriage along with other things would try to discriminate and take away the marriage rights of another social minority. Quit throwing rocks in the glass house.

Look, giving gay people the right to get married is not going to diminish your marriage that for some reason you think is so grand and sacred. Maybe take a look in the mirror and ask...honestly how the hell is this really affecting me? I cannot think of one single way that gay marriage is going to affect me directly. Quit acting like a fascist thinking everyone needs to go along with your ideals. The reason people migrated to America was to get away from religious persecution. Get down from your crumbling horses and I will do the same, just worry about your own lives and marriages and quit acting like people give a shit about what you think.


TotusMel said...

I feel like telling you to just breath man! Unfortunately the people who are offended will not have their minds changed by logical arguments. With the divorce rates what they are, you'd think they'd be just as worried about straight couples not respecting the sanctity of marriage.

dalij said...

I agree with you whole heartily. But remember your language!!! I still don't like when you talk like that.