Sunday, October 19, 2008


Just got a new Kitten on Friday, it has been fairly stressful for me let alone the cat. She is a SBT Bengal cat which is a cross breed between domestic tabby and Asian Leopard—both her parents are Bengal breed as well. She is a lot better as of right now, eating and drinking as well as using her cat box. She hadn't done a thing until saturday evening. Penelope is very unsure about this whole thing—although she has stopped hissing at me for smelling of another feline. The kitten is still hiding out when I am not in the room with her but she plays like no ones business on her terms. She also has miniature exacto blades for claws. Here is a photo and video to follow. Oh yeah... The Roots show was pretty good, definitely recommend seeing them live if you ever have an opportunity to do so! And Kurts parents hooked me up with a case of Anchor Steam!—SCORE. My video editing skills are lacking, first time I ever attempted it so bare with me.


TotusMel said...

So very cute! The girls love the video.

Mr. E said...

i liked when abby hopped about a bit towards the end and then tried to get her tail welcome to the fam abigail

kitsune said...

DANG! your cat is crazy, but cute nonetheless how are her and penelope getting along?

Jrahn said...

They aren't social with each other yet.. Just gonna let that happen on it's own so they aren't traumatized.

dalij said...

She's soooooo cute!!!!! I can't wait to play with her and my other grandkitty Penelope. Next video show them playing together!!!