Friday, April 10, 2009

escrow messcrow

Inconvenient news just keeps rolling.
Our move in date got pushed back AGAIN. This is not the current tenants fault, they are currently in escrow with a house and it keeps getting pushed. The problem is that it's getting very tough to get a handle on what we need to do. At this point our move in is pending a date since it's up in the air really. There is an outside chance that it still goes down next saturday; It seems very unlikely though. We will more than likely be moving in mid week or something when I am still in class and we cannot find any help. It just bugs because we had such a good turn out for help that day. We had planned on a bbq and it was the day Nathalie comes back. At least if it DOES get pushed like we anticipate, Nathalie will have no jet-lag! Eh, whatever I guess.

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