Thursday, April 16, 2009

credit meltdown

If you have not done so in the recent past, you should all go and check your credit cards limit. I was just updating our new address a few minutes ago and rechecking all my balances etc. I noticed that my Target card had a peculiar number for a credit limit. I did a double take and called the service number. I was reassured of my suspicions. Target cut my limit more than 50%. I asked the kind, accented woman on the phone,"Why did it decrease? I have never been late and I ALWAYS pay more than my minimum." She replies," there are many reasons why it may have been decreased." That is the most I could get out of her, no real explanation at all. I then took it upon myself to do some research on the interwebs. I found a plethora of complaints about this very issue. It seems MANY credit companies are doing this at a high rate. It has always gone on, yet this economic climate has prompted them to go ape shit now. I figure that my card was hit because I hardly ever carry a balance because the rate it crazy since it was my first card. Now I have a better rate on a different card luckily. We will see if that company hit me again. The main problem with this is that once my line is lowered, it will directly affect my credit score. I have worked hard to maintain and build a solid score. Especially important now because I have been getting student loans and will need to consolidate once I am finished. Credit companies are sheisty, which I have always known. I had yet to be impacted until now.

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TotusMel said...

Best thing you can do is keep checking in with stuff. We only use our Amex now, so no problems there.