Friday, November 28, 2008

Tryptophan survival camp

Hopefully everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Mary, Lovelyn and I went up to Glendale to visit Glenda and the rest of the family. Her Dad was able to make it with Mary's mother tagging along as well. Relatively short stay but great to see Glenda, Tony and their newest addition, Marley! The food was great and our trip home fell shortly after a food induced cat nap. We had not left Abigail by herself for more than a few hours until this last couple of days away. She did not seem to appreciate us any more than before but we will see what happens when we are away for 5 days next month. I have a new toy on the way, it took much much much research and inner voiced debate but the investment should work out. I will leave that for another post next week I imagine. I need to get to work on my next project but I am procrastinating as usual.

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