Monday, November 17, 2008

Abigail update—12 weeks

Abigail is getting big, really fast too. By the day she jumps higher, plays with more objects that she shouldn't be, getting into literally everything. She follows me around a lot. She farts when you least expect it, will lunge at you with claws out at any moment. She wakes me every morning by either diving on my face or clawing at my facial hair until I acknowledge her existence.
Her vocabulary is widening with odd little chirps and cries. Her coat is starting to clear up and you can notice where her rosettes will form. Her body length is at least twice the size it was when we got her almost one month ago. She never hesitates to try and get Penelope to nurse her... Penelope has grown a lot of patience towards her now, although Abby has asserted her intended dominance with authority and clarity. I have got her playing fetch quite convincingly now. She cries until I let her get on the bathroom counter so that she can play and investigate the water coming from the faucets. I think we are getting her scheduled to be fixed the week after Thanksgiving, hopefully she calms down with the diving at my face in the waking moments of the day after that. All in due time—here are some photos.


TotusMel said...

Your baby is very cute!

dalij said...

Look at my little baby grow. She and Penelope love me best!!!