Thursday, September 4, 2008


Been a little while once again, Sorry about that.
This last weekend we went to Merced where we were greeted by muggy intolerable heat. I don't ever want to move back there ever again,(crosses fingers). Not only was is hot but my allergies were in full effect and I was one big hot mess. It was good to see all the family, Mary's side as well of course. Although a lot of my family was sick unfortunately. There are some attached photos depicting various stages of our journey back,"home." I am throwing a couple of pictures of meganeil cause I would never want to disappoint you guys! STELLA IS GONE SUCKERS!!!!! Now I can live my life normally. click on photos that are cropped to view full images
no day is complete..
thought bubbles
3-d chalk
planning the kidnap
timers not my friend
standing guard
serious biznezz
gettin high

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