Friday, November 4, 2011

Past, present and future 10.22.11

So, a few weeks back, Mary and I got married in Carmel, at The Holly Farm. This place was a dream come true. We knew once we visited the farm and met the Moses family last September, that this was where we wanted our union to take place. We were not let down. This was an amazing place that accommodated everything we could have asked for.

The biggest upside was being able to have an extended stay onsite with our family and close friends. The last thing we wanted, was to be rushed in and out during one of the most monumental times of our lives. Cannot say enough about the Holly farm, as well as our Officient, Ken Robbins; which orchestrated a beautiful ceremony that made the day that much more special.

Once the official photos are processed for us by Heather Elizabeth Photography, I'll post again. Heather was great, and we cannot wait to see what she has conjured up for us. Her portfolio is pretty strong and she was great to work with. Check her work out.

Here are some photos I took with my camera while not stressing out and feeling overwhelmed on Saturday, as well as the next couple of days. Here is a link to the remainder uploaded on my Flickr page.

After the wedding, we tried to relax as much as possible while soaking up the beautiful weather in Carmel for the next two days.

After Mary and I left the farm, we headed down the CA 1 for a scenic drive to Santa Barbara which ended up being pretty long, albeit still scenic.

We checked out some nice eateries in SB and took in the SB Museum of art before trekking back to San Diego to unwind before entering back into our parallel reality.

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