Sunday, June 14, 2009


Last night we got hungry and all decided to make the drive up to Escondido and try out the Stone Brewery Bistro. I had really been wanting to go for quite some time. Kurt, Nathalie, Mary and I all caught a late reservation. I have to say, I was pleased. Although when you go to a brewery like stone, one would assume they only serve stone beers; quite the contrary. I committed sacrilege and ordered Pliny anyway (had to get two since they are only served in 8 oz. glasses). The food was pretty good, I even ate some of kurts ceviche. After we got back home, Nathalie unpacked from Japan (2+ months later). Thanks for the Sake!

DSC_0200 copy.pngDSC_0207 copy.png
DSC_0206.pngpitch black recoveryDSC_0193 copy.pngDSC_0189 copy.pngDSC_0188 copy.pngDSC_0184 copy.pngDSC_0179 copy.pngDSC_0174 copy.pngDSC_0170 copy.pngDSC_0163.pngDSC_0162 copy.pngDSC_0161 copy.pngDSC_0208 copy.pngDSC_0209 copy.pngDSC_0210 copy.pngDSC_0219 copy.pngDSC_0213 copy.pngDSC_0211 copy.png

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dalij said...

Tell Kurt that the haircut looks good. You ever going to get in touch?