Monday, May 25, 2009

urban camping grounds

I found out that I will be getting the calgrant this time around, which is a nice surprise. I had no idea, 1: if I would even get it and 2: how much it awarded people. Anyway, so long as California does not go completely broke and revoke our grants, I will be getting enough money for a new computer. This comes at a nice time in all honesty. I've been geeking out on mac rumor sites for far too long. I am not sure that I am prepared to camp outside the att store, but I will do whatever it takes. Just playing, I have always been against paying the geek-tax. I do need a new phone though, and this is an opportune time to get one. The 3rd gen iphone is speculated to be unveiled during the upcoming wwdc conference. Maybe a July release. There are a couple of major upgrades being talked about, one being a 3+ mp camera which is cool I guess. The new os 3.0 is said to be much more efficient as well as a doubled memory at 32 gb. That is enough for me to be relatively excited. On another note, there are also new imac's being rumored to contain quadcore's which will do very nicely next to snow leopard. It is long overdue that Mac gets a new facelift with their mid level machines. If this does not come around, I may look into the macpro which is pricey but the ability to upgrade to 32gb of ram is pretty hard to overlook.

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