Friday, January 23, 2009

mac attack

So Mac is now 25 Years old. The only computers my family or I have ever owned were Mac. This is the first one I can remember.
Then much much later we got the green imac, then I got my own swivel Imac on my own.. Now I am on my Intel Imac which was released in 2006 for a KILLER deal. I'd love to upgrade soon since my ram is limited to 2gb which does kinda screw with me at times. I am in a reflection right now, very nostalgic I suppose. I will be working with pc's as a career in 3d more than likely yet I will always own that lovable, elitist and proprietary machine...even when it is the cool thing to do, that right there is loyalty.
Photo not of my own classic, although the classic is still full functioning and with my sister in a safe place.


TotusMel said...

It might be an antique, but I'm keeping that computer forever!

dalij said...

It's not an antique until it's over 100 years old. But seeing that I am only 21 (on my next birthday) it is older than me.

REIGNSoner said...

Mac's and fixies..You can't have one without the other.